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Digital Health Advisor and Thought Leader at the forefront of Pharma, Health Tech, and Data Intelligence to Advise Remote Patient Monitoring Company CLEVELAND (August 29, 2023) — Blue Spark Technologies, Inc., a leader in wearable remote patient monitoring solutions, has added Amir Lahav, a clinical leader and established neuroscientist...

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On: December 19, 2022 In: Press Releases

To treat cases of sepsis earlier, artificial intelligence (AI)-based methods to predict sepsis in hospital patients have become popular. Continuous temperature monitoring can provide accurate and abundant patient data to help these algorithms track potential sepsis cases successfully.

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On: December 18, 2022 In: Press Releases

The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to transform many systems, including our healthcare. Remote patient monitoring devices like TempTraq are the latest technologies helping IoT change the world.

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On: December 4, 2022 In: Press Releases

Further challenged by the ongoing nursing shortage, sepsis poses a significant burden on the healthcare system. Continuous temperature monitoring technology can relieve understaffed hospitals and support the early diagnosis of sepsis and other life-threatening conditions.

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On: November 8, 2022 In: Press Releases

Continuous temperature monitoring technology can remove the human element from temperature taking to reduce error and improve patient safety. Depending on manual temperature taking leaves room for inaccurate readings or delayed fever detection due to inconsistent methods or other errors. Instead, continuous temperature monitoring can minimize manual errors, increase...

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