TempTraq: Digital Health Technology Revolutionizing Clinical Oncology Trials

On: June 8, 2024 In: Press Releases

The Clinical Trial Vanguard
By Moe Alsumidaie
June 2, 2024

Ensuring consistency and accuracy in data collection through digital health technology (DHT) is paramount in the rapidly evolving landscape of clinical trials. Under CEO John Gannon’s leadership, Blue Spark Technologies, Inc. has made significant strides with its innovative TempTraq device. Angela DeLuca, VP of Oncology & Cell Therapy Clinical Operations at Takeda, and Dr. MaryAnne Rizk, CEO of Rizk Management AI Advisors, are joining the discussion. Together, they explore how TempTraq, a fever monitoring device, revolutionizes patient monitoring in clinical trials, addresses challenges, and sets new standards for global regulatory compliance and operational efficiency. Read More at www.clinicaltrialvanguard.com. >