TempTraq Clinical Integration

The TempTraq system fits seamlessly into existing nurse workflow, increasing productivity by automatically capturing and entering temperature data into the EHR.

TempTraq patch monitors a patient’s temperature in real time and wirelessly uploads data to our HIPAA-compliant cloud server. Data from the secure server can be integrated via HL-7

standards with Electronic Health Records, central nurse workstations, patient bedside monitors and mobile devices to provide clinicians with temperature data visualization and mapping of data to the desired patient record fields.

The system is scalable and can support a single hospital or a multi-hospital/physician group healthcare system.

Clinical Integration Diagram: Inpatient or Outpatient TempTraq syncs to Phone, Tablet, or Bluetooth Gateway. HIPAA-Compliant Cloud Service transmits data to Monitoring Station and EHR, which is accessed by or sends notification to a doctor or nurse.
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