Clinically Proven

Accuracy and equivalency in three hospital studies

  • Cleveland Clinic
  • University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center
  • Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Earlier fever detection

In a clinical study conducted by University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center, TempTraq was shown to detect temperature rise earlier than the standard of care by a median of 140.1 minutes (range of 30-180 minutes) with bone marrow transplant patients.2

1. “Accuracy and Precision Test of TempTraq® Compared to Pulmonary Artery Catheter for Monitoring Temperature in Adults in Intensive Care Unit” / Sandra L. Siedlecki, PhD, RN, CNS / Cleveland Clinic /  2. “Feasibility of Continuous Monitoring of Body Temperature for Patients Undergoing Stem Cell Transplant or High-Dose Chemotherapy” / Ehsan Malek, MD and Nina Dambrosio, MSN, CNP / University Hospital – Seidman Cancer Center / February 2017 / 3. “Continuous Temperature Monitoring in the Inpatient Setting Using TempTraq” / Megan Sampson, MD; Victoria Hickey, RN; John Huber, MSc; Priscila Davila, MD1; Jon Eager, BSEE; Stella Davies, MBBS, PhD; Christopher Dandoy, MD, MS / Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Blue Spark Technologies /
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About Blue Spark Technologies

Founded in 2003, Blue Spark Technologies develops, manufactures, and markets applications powered by their proprietary thin, flexible carbon-zinc printed battery technology. Unlike most lithium and other battery chemistries, our carbon-zinc batteries contain no hazardous substances and are disposable, flexible, safe and eco-friendly.

TempTraq is an FDA Cleared Class II medical device and is Blue Spark’s flagship product. TempTraq gives Healthcare providers the first wireless continuous temperature monitor in the form of a soft comfortable disposable patch. Blue Spark believes that TempTraq can significantly improve the way temperature is measured in the clinical environment and provide clinicians a quicker, easier, and more effective way to measure temperature.

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