COVID-19 Real-Time Temperature Monitoring for Patients, HCPs and Critical Industry Workers

The TempTraq Bluetooth Patch and Monitoring System is Safe, Contact-Free, and Accurate

TempTraq is a disposable, single-use thermometer in the form of a Bluetooth patch that’s worn comfortably under the arm. It reports the individual’s body temperature in real time through a HIPAA compliant cloud for up to 72 hours.

When worn by COVID-19 patients, HCPs, or personnel in critical industries, TempTraq provides continuous body temperature monitoring in real time, so doctors or nurses can remotely detect fevers.

TempTraq is an FDA Cleared Class II medical device, and it’s clinically proven to detect fevers earlier than standard point-of-care methods. In a study conducted with the Cleveland Clinic, TempTraq was shown to be in agreement with the pulmonary artery catheter measurements in determining core body temperature.

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Respond to COVID-19 Inpatient or Outpatient Temperature Spikes While Keeping HCPs Safe

The TempTraq wearable monitoring system allows doctors and nurses to continuously track patient temperatures in real time remotely while limiting direct contact.

This improves the use of hospital resources, enhances COVD-19 safety, and is ideal for monitoring patients who are quarantining at home and checking in via telemedicine.


COVID Workforce Safety: Monitor Care and Support Staff Prior to and Throughout Their Shifts

Personnel in medical facilities are typically screened for COVID symptoms including temperature at the beginning of their shifts. But what happens if their body temperature spikes mid-shift, and they continue interacting with patients and co-workers?

TempTraq continuous monitoring allows real-time temperature tracking that can help keep everyone safer, detecting fevers sooner. Single use, disposable TempTraq patches work continuously for up to 72 hours.


Protect High-Skill Workers in Nuclear Power, Utilities, Air Traffic Control, Law Enforcement, or Defense

Critical industries employ highly-skilled, trained and regulated personnel who can’t be easily replaced, such as nuclear/utility engineers, air traffic controllers, or public safety workers.

Continuous body temperature monitoring with TempTraq helps to protect everyone at the work location. If an employee’s temperature spikes while in the facility, they can be isolated and tested for COVID-19 as soon as possible.




monitoring up to 72 hours with temperature-rise alters


per clinical testing
for agreement with core body temperatures


transmission via Bluetooth Low Energy


patch applied in armpit with gentle adhesive

Remote Monitoring

through TempTraq Connect’s HIPAA compliant cloud service

Fully Integrated

with EHRs and monitoring systems, providing a continuous data set

FDA-Cleared Medical Device

Clinical Integration


Technical Specs

  • FDA Cleared Class II medical device
  • Operating Life of 72 hours; disposable/single use
  • Accuracy Rating conforms with ASTM E1112-00 (2011) +/- 0.1°C or +/- 0.2°F
  • Wireless Bluetooth low energy
  • Safe for all ages and all skin types
  • Temperature display in Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Audio and/or visual notifications of rising temperature
Patch with Dimensions
Patch Diagram

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